Thank you for visiting my website! I am Mai Truong, a doctoral candidate in political science at the University of Arizona. I major in comparative politics and minor in political methodology.

I study social movements and protests in authoritarian regimes, focusing on two main themes. First, my research examines factors that have causal effects on public opinion toward social movements and protests. My current work investigates how (1) negative portrayal of movement participants by media, and (2) endorsements by outsiders affect public support for social movements. Second, I am also particularly interested in exploring the conditions under which movements of markedly different natures are willing to cooperate toward a mutual goal. My work, thus, spans between Political Science and Sociology.

Most often, I use experimental methods, especially survey experiments for my research. Since starting graduate school in 2017, I have been the key designer of two survey experiments which examine public opinion toward social movements in autocracies. In addition, I joined the South China Sea Data Initiative (SCSDI) project in November 2020 as a team lead to implement an online public opinion survey in Vietnam on South China Sea issues. As the Vietnam survey lead, I design, pilot, and then fully implement the survey instrument on an online platform. I also use focus group discussion, interviews and other statistical tools to answer research questions of interest. My regional focus is East and Southeast Asia. 

My work has appeared or is under review in major political science journals. I also love opportunities to share my ideas with non-academic audiences and have written about my ideas in the The Diplomat and Asia Times.

I hold a MA in International Development Studies from the University of Sussex, UK. Before graduate school, I had research experiences in both the UK and Vietnam. 

When I am not working, I enjoy gardening, hiking, reading novels, and playing with my cats.

I welcome any opportunities to talk about my work or your work, and to collaborate on research ideas. You can reach me at maitruong@email.arizona.edu. I am also on Twitter and LinkedIn

Thank you for stopping by my site!