Work in Progress

JOURNAL ARTICLES UNDER REVIEW (* In collaboration with graduate students)

Trinh, Minh* (MIT) and Mai Truong. “A Warning from Above: Why Authoritarian Anti-Protest Propaganda Works” (Under review)

Schuler, Paul and Mai Truong “Guilt by Association: Do Dissident Endorsements Undermine Public Support for Protests in Authoritarian Regimes?” (Under Review)

Schuler, Paul, Mai Truong, and Chris Weber. “Ideology in Vietnam: Evidence from Asian Barometer Data.” (Under Review)


Collective Efficacy, Political Skills, and Women’s Participation in A Single Party State: A Field Experiment in Vietnam (With Eitan Paul, Paul Schuler, Quynh Nguyen, Markus Taussig)

Authoritarian Disposition in Left Wing Authoritarian Regimes: Do Authoritarians Support Redistribution in Vietnam (With Paul Schuler and Chris Weber)

The rise of the Internet and judicial independence in authoritarian regimes (With Joseph Cox* at the University of Arizona)

The Effect of Formal and Informal Cooptation on the Levels of Environmental Conflicts between State and Civil Society: Comparing Vietnam and South Korea experiences (With Minwoo Ahn* at the University of Arizona)