Work in Progress

JOURNAL ARTICLES UNDER REVIEW (* In collaboration with graduate students)

Trinh, Minh* (MIT) and Mai Truong. “A Warning from Above: Why Authoritarian Anti-Protest Propaganda Works” (Revise and Resubmit)

Schuler, Paul and Mai Truong “Guilt by Association: Do Dissident Endorsements Undermine Public Support for Protests in Authoritarian Regimes?” (Under Review)

Schuler, Paul, Mai Truong, and Chris Weber. “Ideology in Vietnam: Evidence from Asian Barometer Data.” (Under Review)


Truong, Mai. “Seeking Alliances: Which Types of Cross-movement Coalitions Does the Public Support?” (Job Market Paper, In preparation for submission)

Truong, Mai. “When Will You Work with Us? Building an Alliance between Prodemocracy Advocates and Localized Movements.” (Data collection completed)

Truong, Mai. “What Affects Public Support for Anti-foreign Movements under Authoritarian Rule?” (Data collection completed)

Truong, Mai. “The Effect of Gender: Public Support toward Women’s Protests and Men’s Protests?” (Data collection completed)

Truong, Mai. “How Does Vietnam’s New Government Composition Affect Citizens’ Participation in Collective Action?” (Data collection completed)

Nguyen, Quynh, Eitan Paul, Paul Schuler, Markus Taussig, and Mai Truong. “Motivating Women’s Political Participation in Vietnam: A Field Experiment” (Data collection in progress)